About Us

“Ladesol-Tambov” is an innovative high-tech enterprise created in 2017 to implement a large-scale project for the construction of a biotechnological plant for the deep processing of fodder-quality grain and triticale.
The main task of the plant

— to produce eco-friendly protein feed product “Probecor GF” demanded by farmers.

Activity of the company:

— Aimed at creating sustainable cooperative ties with agricultural producers.

— Aims at import substitution of feed protein and the development of the domestic agri-food market. The project falls into the category of "Industrial Biotechnology".

— Corresponds to the priorities of the national economy in matters of food security policy.

— Responsible for the development of environmental management.

The production technology is unique and has no full-fledged analogues not only in the Russian market, but also in the world.
and is subject to full legal protection in accordance with applicable law.

High automation of the production process and equipment modularity make it easy to replicate the project.
on the territory of grain regions.

The first module of the plant is located in the Tambov region on the territory of the Industrial Park "Uvarovo" *

* IP "Uvarovo" in 2017. given official status of the industrial park by the Decree of the administration of the Tambov region of 21.08.2017. Number 805 "On the creation of the industrial park" Uvarovo ".
Chairman of the Board of Ladesol-Tambov, Mark Fader and Governor of the Tambov Region, Alexander Nikitin.
Main factors
1 project module (per year):
Raw materials processing - 50 thousand tons
Product production - 27 thousand tons
Until 2025:
  • 5
    production modules
  • 470
    work places

In December 2017, project funding was received.

from the side of the Russian Bank for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Support.

In April 2018, a memorial capsule was laid.

the basis of an innovative plant for the production of highly concentrated protein feedstuff
“Probecor GF”.

The capsule ceremony was attended by the head of the Tambov Oblast Administration Alexander Nikitin, the First Deputy Governor of the Tambov Oblast Alexander Ganov, the Chairman of the Tambov Oblast Duma Yevgeny Matushkin, the Executive Director of the Direct Financing Directorate of SME Bank AO.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the first production module will be launched.

The project was supported by: the administration of the Tambov region, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises.

All relevant information about the Project is available in the sections Media about Us and Construction Progress.